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Main Squeeze web site

Main Squeeze Natural Foods Café

The Main Squeeze is a restaurant dedicated to high-quality vegetarian food and sustainable business practices. My goal for the site design was to reflect the organic, natural foundation for the business's practices and whimsical, restless creativity of the owner herself.

The owner had experienced issues with a previous version of the site that was built by someone else as a custom PHP application, and wanted a new site that would allow her to directly manage its content with frequent updates. The latest edition of the site addresses this need by incorporating content links between the Main Squeeze web site and its Facebook and Twitter pages, allowing one-stop updating of all three channels.

These and various other details of the site's construction result in a site that is not "locked-up" or reliant on my particular expertise to update. The site is built using techniques and tools that are widely accessible and have a readily-available support community, ensuring that the site will remain flexible for the long term, whether I'm involved in it or not.

Visit the Main Squeeze site.