Professional Experience

Graphic Design

  • Design of publications for press, customizing jobs to standards of particular print shops
  • Extensive experience with all leading design software (see Software section below)
  • Magazine design
  • Advertisement design
  • Logos and brand creation
  • Compact Disc design - booklets, disc, and tray designs
  • Promotional materials (post cards, brochures, flyers, posters) design
  • Extensive experience with photo editing and optimizing for print and online use
  • Creation of graphics for video/motion use

Web Design

  • 15 years of web design experience
  • Creation of Web sites and internal/intranet sites
  • Extensive experience/expertise with (X)HTML and CSS (including sites laid out entirely with CSS)
  • Hand-coding sites, using web-editing software to manage sites, and using online web-publishing platforms (e.g., WordPress) to create/manage sites
  • Experience with JavaScript
  • Limited experience with ASP, .NET development environments
  • Creation of templates for use in Web sites
  • Training and technical support of web developers


  • Equal facility on Mac and Windows platforms (extensive daily experience with both)
  • Adobe Creative Suite (with particular emphasis on/experience with Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Fireworks), all versions through CS5
  • Adobe Acrobat (extensive experience with creating, editing, optimizing PDFs for print and online use)
  • All Microsoft Office programs and Microsoft SharePoint (site development/organization/support)
  • QuarkXPress
  • Macromedia Freehand and HomeSite
  • CorelDRAW and Painter
  • All leading web browsers (Firefox, Chrome, IE, Safari, Opera)
  • Limited experience with Microsoft SQL server tools

Graphic Arts

  • Technical illustration (diagrams, realistic depictions of mechanisms, processes, scientific imagery, anatomical illustration)
  • Information graphics (charts, graphs, explanatory graphics, including experience with optimizing accuracy, clarity, and attractiveness)
  • Artistic illustration (cartoon/comic illustration, experience in a variety of media)
  • Hand-drawn/painted artwork as well as digital and hybrid hand/digital artwork


  • Writing, editing, copyediting, and proofing of online and print communications (magazine articles, web articles, executive messages, company memos, sensitive/confidential messages)
  • Extremely high skill level with written communications, grammar and spelling
  • Strong verbal communication skills
  • Particularly adept at communicating technical concepts to non-technical/inexperienced people - instructional/explanatory writing and speaking
  • Creating/implementing communication strategies
  • Experience/comfort with AP style and related/hybrid styles


  • Oversight of a large team of web developers located over a broad geographic area (extensive "virtual" work)
  • Creation and implementation of branding/technical guidelines in large-scale, ongoing communication efforts and systems
  • Functioning as leader of a team and member of a team
  • Working directly with all levels of an organization, including non-technical and technical people
  • Supervision/evaluation of employees, and participation in conducting job interviews

General Technical Abilities

  • Experience with recording and editing audio (playing multiple instruments, signal processing, editing/mixing finished audio)
  • General computer use (Mac and Windows) and troubleshooting/support of users
  • Experience with organizing and maintaining large digital archives
  • Experience with a variety of computer security programs (antivirus, anti-malware)

Selected clients/employers

  • State Farm Insurance
  • University of Missouri
  • Mid-Missouri Collaborative & Cooperative Law Association
  • Missouri Hospital Association
  • Missouri Insurance Coalition
  • Columbia Art League
  • Sierra Club
  • Main Squeeze Natural Foods
  • Allied Concrete Products


“Working with Kevin Gamble is a dream. Not only does he always wow me with his design solutions, but he is innately able to catch the right mood for each piece and each project he works on. His intuitive sense of what is needed is second to none. His work is always professionally presented, designed to the right specs, delivered on time and, if any changes are needed, he turns it around before I can blink. He sculpted a brand identity for the Columbia Art League where none had previously existed, creating a raft of postcards, programs, brochures and invitations, which now all speak with one voice. Having worked with graphic designers on 3 continents, I can honestly say that none has been as easy to work with and delivered such professional results as Kevin.”
Diana Moxon, Executive Director, Columbia Art League