About Me

Kevin Gamble

My name is Kevin Gamble, and I communicate. I communicate ideas, information, data, processes, emotions, questions, and explanations via graphic design, web design, illustration, and the written and spoken word.

I could just say that I'm a graphic designer, or a web designer, or the like. But I also write and perform music, explain about a hundred things per day to my 2½-year-old son, and spend a considerable part of my workday explaining the finer points of web development, branding policy, style guidelines, technical & company policies, and computers in general to a wide assortment of people around the country.

So while I've developed a variety of professional tools, many of them visual, to help me communicate, what ties it all together in the end is the goal of communication—using the visual, written, spoken, and auditory toolboxes to make some aspect of the world clearer, better understood, more usable, or more effective.

It began when I was a child, drawing incessantly to make real the imaginary images in my head and their associated stories. It continued through school to my art degree, when I pursued technique and craft to help capture and elucidate some compelling sight or aspect of human anatomy. It continued from there into graphic design, where messages, visuals, and real-world events converged. And then into web design, where the audience moved and the medium followed them.

The common thread remains the desire to reveal the story, the message, the purpose, the life within ideas, events, and the sincere work of other people. When those elements are present, then the foundation is laid for work I can believe in.